M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Our conferences are based on experts keynotes, interactives discussions, demonstrations and case studies focused on blockchain solutions. During two days, internationals experts are ready to discuss with you the current state and future of blockchain technologies

Panels discussions of the next edition will be focused on the following topics : 

Blockchain Regulation

Blockchain is a powerful and innovative technology that has opened up a large number of new possibilities (for payments, contracts, management, etc.) at international levels, all sectors combined.
 How can these new means be regulated and supervised to facilitate their deployment and secure all players?
 What are the trends and latest legal updates concerning the Blockchain?

Traceability of Goods

Blockchain is a formidable traceability tool that applies to all fields: food, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, precious metals and stones, land registry, etc.
What are the future challenges and added value for producers, individuals and certifiers (sustainable, organic, legal guarantees, PDO, AOC, etc.)?

Smart Cities : our lives and our cities of tomorrow, to be built today

What are the key points for becoming a real smart city, smart principality? How can the Blockchain, alone or coupled with other means, improve the lives of our citizens, our regions, our ecosystems?

Security, the keystone of all systems

In a world where everything is more and more connected, how can we guarantee the security of data, infrastructures and entire systems? Security applied to the financial sector, telecom, data, IoT, autonomous vehicles, so many strategic subjects to protect. What are the best tools and strategies to guarantee a high level of security and reliability of these systems?  

At the heart of the human being : E-Health

What better sector than the health sector to ensure that human beings benefit as much as possible from technological advances? The digital age and the knowledge economy at the service of health and well-being. What are the latest advances and how does the Blockchain improve the lives of practitioners and patients?

Finance & Wealth Management

A specific focus on the financial sector, on asset and wealth management. What are the investment and return opportunities for family offices, HNWIs, traders? What are the opportunities for the Bank among these new products?  We will look at the avenues that can modernize an entire sector, as well as the new players and future trends in crypto assets.  

You are an industry leader and want to share your knowledge and experience of using Blockchain ?