M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Meet industry-leading speakers sharing their knowledge & experiences of using blockchain technology.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Muhammad Salman Anjum

CEO, blockpreneurs


Being a Technology Futurist, Salman advises corporates, ICOs, senior managers on Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Strategy. He is regularly speaking at global forums on applications of recent tech trends like Blockchain, Big Data & IoT. He’s a results-driven performance and organizational efficiency professional with over 16 years in hybrid corporate & entrepreneurial roles aligning People, Performance and Profit. Efficacious author and public speaker, Salman has been featured as success story in “Soul Beats @ UAE” the book published by Department of Economic Development of Dubai.

Salman is trainer of Blockchain & Advance Technologies for PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC). His interventions are full of valuable insights and information that audience can put to use for their personal or professional lives right away. He creates a contemporary presentation with fresh, visual slides to invigorate the material and communicate it more effectively.

Salman lives, plays and works in UAE and on stages around the world committed to empower the human potential.

Alexander Borodich

FOUNDER, Universa Blockchain

Alexander Borodich is a pioneer in the fields of innovation and blockchain world, founder of Universa Blockchain and VentureClub, Russia’s number one crowd investment platform and investor club, a business angel, with a track record of over 70 investment projects. Key areas of investment: internet of things, cloud computing, smart cities and SaaS at the seed and idea stages. 

Alexander Borodich was named “The Most Active Business angel in Russia” by Russian Venture Company, he is Chiefs Dream Officer and managing partner of marketing communication agency Future Action, exMarketing Director of Russian Internet giant Mail.ru Group

Dr Adnan El Bakri

FOUNDER, InnovSanté® - InnovHealth®

Adnan El Bakri is a 32 years old entrepreneur, born in Tripoli Lebanon; urologist surgeon by training and major of a DEA in Big Data & Artificial Intelligence applied to cancer prediction.

His work was recognized and rewarded at the National Academy of Surgery. A pioneer in e-health and Founder President of InnovSanté® – InnovHealth®, he invented a healthcare passport, the PassCare®, an innovative and pioneering citizen concept that gives patients the power to retrieve and access their medical records. It is an international card connected to a secure platform using the Blockchain technology and was selected at CES.

He is the spokesman for the National Council for e-Health, lecturer and member of the board of the eHealth World in Monaco.

Naturalized on merit by the French President, he has been admitted to the MBA program at HEC and has written the program on the future of the health of one of the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic.

He arrived in France at the age of 17, without any money, with just a suitcase and ambitions. He was not speaking French, he is now trilingual. He slept when he arrived in the halls of the faculty, he succeeded in his bet and even helped his parents to create a clothing brand in Lebanon. His story was noticed at a conference in front of 700 business leaders at the Luc Besson cinema.

Coming from a poor family, marked during his childhood by limited access to care. However, health must not have a price, so he made it his fight when he decided to leave everything to go to medical school and then launch the PassCare® (or HealthCare Passport®), a true universal digital health pass that uses new digital technologies to promote access to all our health data.

It proposes a HtoH (Human to Human) economic model in health that advocates Business to People on social and ethical values. He has, therefore, readapted the two-sided market described by Nobel Prize winner Jean Tirole.

Jen Greyson

Founder, Blockchain Sisterhood

Jen Greyson is one of the Top 8 Women in Crypto, CEO, author, and advocate for women in business. Her current projects include Co.Co, the AirBnB for office space, and The Blockchain Sisterhood, an ecosystem of women-led and founded blockchain projects

Evan Luthra

CEO & Founder, El Group International

Evan has extensive knowledge and experience in mobile apps and his company, EL Group International has developed and delivered mobile apps for major Fortune 500 companies. Evan’s strategy follows a simple, but proven formula: conceptualize, innovate, execute.More recently Evan is heavily invovled in the crypto industry working with leading companies such as GazeCoin.io, Hashgraph.com and others under EL Group subsidary Almora.io and has been regarded as a Blockchain expert and pioneer by the worlds leading organziations and publications. 

He is a featured speaker at different universities and conferences around the globe; he speaks about Mobile Apps, Entrepreneurship and trending tech topics, to huge audiences and has spoken for Tedx, United Nations, Google, Nielsen and has done guest lectures at Delhi University, Washington State University, San Francisco State University and more. 

With his keen insights and digital expertise, Evan is constantly thinking of new ideas that will innovate, simplify and make daily quality of life that much better.

Angel Versetti


Angel is the Co-Founder and Global CEO of Ambrosus, the world’s first blockchain that can talk to sensors. Through his partnership Versetti & Co he has led investments in startups, social projects and early cryptocurrencies worldwide. Angel previously worked at the United Nations, World Resources Forum, Bloomberg and was trained at Google.

He was the youngest project leader and lead published author at the UN. Angel is a recognised expert and frequent speaker on innovation, technology and economic development (incl. Davos, Vatican, UNESCO, COP21). 

He holds a BA in History, Politics and Philosophy and an MA in Public Management, both with Excellence Scholarship from Sciences Po Paris (Instituts d’études politiques de Paris) and has certified skills in Diplomacy, Negotiations and Innovation.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Luc Jacquet


Luc Jacquet, a film maker committed to protecting the environment

Oscar award winner for the film, MARCH OF THE PENGUINS

Having majored in biology at university, Luc Jacquet then spent fourteen wintery months at the Dumont d’Urville French scientific station in the Antarctic, and it was there that he discovered what would become the two great passions in his life: images and scientific mediation. His first full-length movie, MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, was seen by 25 million film-goers from all over the world. It received many awards of which the most prestigious was the 2006 Oscar Academy award for the best documentary feature film. In 2010, he founded the Wild-Touch association whose aim is to help conserve the environment by exploiting the emotions and images produced by the cinema. After ONCE UPON A FOREST, a film made in 2013, Luc Jacquet continued his film-making career by working together with the eminent glaciologist, Claude Lorius, to produce a new full-length movie, entitled ICE AND SKY, which came out in the Autumn of 2015. This project was part of an ambitious multi-media programme, coordinated by the Association, which aimed at raising awareness of the issues connected with global climate change.

Today, Luc Jacquet is 50 years old and loves the idea that the world is changing. The blockchain concept was a complete revelation to him, a revolution which will enable artists, authors and creators to create freely, unfettered from any outside influences and empowered due to the absence of middlemen.

Yazid Chir

CEO & Cofounder, BE-BOUND

Yazid’s career is driven by the aim of promoting equality of opportunity.

He co-founded Be-Bound with the vision that a frugal mobile innovation would be a powerful mechanism for rebalancing economic inequalities and international development. Be-Bound Augmented Connectivity is a patented technology that increases mobile/IoT coverage to reach 95% of the world population immediately, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure costs. Where problematic connectivity inhibits development, Be-Bound contributes to inclusive growth and sustainable development by bringing apps and IoT to areas that lack internet access. 

Yazid is also creator of “Nos Quartiers ont des Talents”, an NGO that accompanies higher graduates from disadvantaged neighborhoods, helping them forge professional paths. With NQT, over 40,000 youth have found work. Yazid was recently named named one of France’s top 100 influencers by the French journal l’Opinion.

Lennart Kirk


Lennart is a co-founder and board member of the Nordic Blockchain Association and has worked with blockchain since 2015.

He started a small exchange business in Argentina
and later worked in Copenhagen as a country manager in the New York based company, Blockchain Technologies Corporation.

Now he works as the Director of Operations in Nordic Blockchain Association, spearheading the conference & event department as well as managing external relations & partners.

He holds a degree in spanish and corporate communication, and has vast experience within recruitment, event management, and sales. He is a passionate and entrepreneurial spirit
with a mission to bring more freedom and equality to the world, through emerging technologies like blockchain.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

ChristyAna Taveras

CO-FOUNDER & Partner, ACT Ventures

ChristyAna started her career in NYC at Columbia University studying Economics and East Asian Language while interning at UBS Private Wealth Management.

Diving into Wall Street experience coupled with extensive study abroad sparked her interest in investing, emerging markets and
business.  She has an extensive career with over 7 years living and doing business in Asia. 

Mastering both Mandarin Chinese and Korean, she
has worked with various VC firms vetting projects and consulting business development. 

She was also coordinator of the largest tech conference in Korea, BeGlobal 2015. Through her experience she has  gained a vast network of experts, VCs, angel investors, and entrepreneurs globally.  ChristyAna is Venture Partner at ATO Ventures a Draper Venture Nerwork Fund and co-founder of ACT Blockchain Consulting Group specializing in strategic investments in digital currencies and  blockchain technology. The group also consults go-to-market strategy with expertise in Asia/LatAm markets.

Her clients span various industries including renewable energy, technology, Cannibus, and hardware amongst others.  She has a strong passion for contributing to Puerto Rico and is co-organizer of Women in Blockchain Puerto Rico. She is an advocate of education and current board member of Design for Good, a non-profit promoting STEM, makers and design thinking education for all.

Christophe Fichet


Over the last seventeen years, Christophe has acquired a wealth of experience in regulations and transactions particularly in the telecommunications, IT/internet and healthcare / life sciences industries in France (including digital health), Europe and in the Middle East / Africa. He regularly advises IT services providers, operators, infrastructure providers, funds, pharmaceutical companies in contractual, transactions, and litigation matters. Christophe also regularly assists Governments and government agencies to implement projects and reforms in Africa and the Middle East.

Christophe is particularly involved in assisting healthcare and pharmaceutical companies around their digital transition, including data, cybersecurity, blockchain and IA.

Christophe is named as “Major” within the field of Digital Health in Leaders League (Life Sciences) 2018

Ismail Malik

Founder,blockchain lab

Ismail Malik, a self-styled ‘social engineer and PR Renegade’, is the Editor in Chief of the world’s foremost publication on Initial Coin Offerings — ICOcrowd, has over 20 years’ experience in technology related startups and entrepreneurship, and is among the leading experts in the blockchain field. In fact, Ismail has been recognized as part of the top-100 most influential people in blockchain by rise.global.

Ismail is also the founder and CEO of Blockchain Lab, ‘supplychain on blockchains consultant’ for Chainx, crafts smart contracts on the blockchain for SmartLedger. He is a man of many talents, including a professional mastery of 5 languages, has a wide range of skills & expertise relating to blockchain & crypto, and regularly speaks at blockchain events.

Arifa Khan

Founder & CEO, Himalaya Labs

Arifa Khan, CEO, is a crypto pioneer who authored the first ever Concept Paper on decentralising capital markets (June 2017) and inventor of security tokens.

She later architected a platform ecosystem for capital markets participants in her revolutionary white paper published and presented to Nick Szabo on 25 May 2018. She founded HCX in 2017 – a decentralized stock exchange that runs trustlessly on smart contracts – to bring that vision to reality and travelled the world for a full year to educate non crypto savvy people in remote corners, on the benefits of self-issuing security tokens. HCX is the first-of-its-kind disruption which automates the role of investment banks and empowers entrepreneurs around the world to issue their own security tokens.

Arifa Khan is India Partner of the Ethereum Foundation and leads Ethereum’s community development efforts in India & Middle East. She has an MBA from Wharton School of Business, and a B.Tech from IIT Madras. She is a sought-after international public speaker and has given keynote talks at several global forums such as Crypto Investor Show London, Bengaluru Tech Summit, D10e Davos, Ethereum India Summit, Blockchain UA Kiev, Blockchain & ICO Summit Istanbul, Hybrid Block Macau Summit, Himalaya Crypto Summit 2018.

She is listed among Top 100 Fintech influencers by Lattice80.

Sophokles Tasioulis

FOUNDER, Sophisticated Films

Sophokles Tasioulis is an international film producer based in Berlin Germany. He studied aerospace engineering at Berlin’s Technical University (TU Berlin) & Media Design and Media Art at the BILDO Academy Berlin. After completing his studies, he worked for various broadcasters (including Arte, BBC, Canal Plus, ZDF) and founded THESA Film und Fernsehproduktion in 1991. In 1998 he founded Hope & Glory Film Productions where he was a managing partner until the year 2001.

From 2001 he has been in charge of developing, financing and producing projects with German and international co-production partners as a board member at Greenlight Media’s Production Department. In the year 2005 he established his own production company Sophisticated Films.

In 2011 he was recruited to a subsidiary of the Red Bull Media House, Terra Mater Factual Studios where he served as the Head of Cinema, until joining the Red Bull Media House (RBMH) as its Global Head of Cinema in 2012. At RBMH Sophokles oversaw the global cinema business of Red Bull, being responsible for development and production as well as international distribution of all the Red Bull Media House titles.

From the start of 2014 Sophokles refocused his entire activities exclusively to his own production company and was one of the main producers on Terrence Malick’s life long project project Voyage of Time, securing international partners such as IMAX and Wild Bunch. Voyage of Time premiered in competition at the Venice International Film Festival 2016.

In his career, he produced and co-produced a number of noted documentaries, including Cheerleader Stories (2001), Deep Blue (2004) and Earth (2007), as well as features as Shoes Of America (2000), The Great Match (2006) and the animation feature Quest for a Heart (2007) and Among Wolves (2010).

His projects have been released by many major distributors such as Disney, Miramax, Lionsgate, Gaumont, GAGA, Studio Canal and many others around the world.

Sophokles has produced 2 of the top ten grossing theatrical documentaries of all times and is an international expert for big, event type theatrical documentaries.

Since late 2016 Sophokles has been exploring the new possibilities of blockchain technology for the entertainment industry. He is one of the few experts (entertainment industry & blockchain) in this new emerging technology (entertainment industry & blockchain) and often called upon to consult and speak about it. Sophokles firmly believes that the opportunities provided by distributed ledger technology and the proliferation of the “internet of value” have the potential to disrupt the industry as a whole.

Currently he is developing a number, of international projects in addition to a movie financing platform in the blockchain space.

Veronica Garcia

FOUNDER, BitLumens

Veronica Garcia was an investment consultant at Credit Suisse and UBS for Latin American Asset Managers.

 After finishing her graduate studies at the ETH in Zurich she joined IBM Research Lab here she worked on state ofth art solar technologies. She also worked as a consultant for the World Bank, IADB and Castalia. 

Her research focused on renewable technologies and on quantifying investment needs to reach the country targets for renewable power generation. 

In 2017 she founded BitLumens which brings solar power and water to rural areas in developing countries using Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology.

Eric Seulliet


Eric Seulliet, a graduate of HEC and the Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris, is the founding-chairman and founder of La Fabrique du Futur, a think tank whose vocation is to reconcile technology and sustainable development and to act as a laboratory for the detection of emerging uses. In the context of this think tank, Eric Seulliet created a living lab that was certified by ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) in 2008.

In 2013, Eric Seulliet founded the DIL (Discovery Innovation Lab), a support organization for innovation that could be called “do tank” and which completes in a more operational way the activities of La Fabrique du Futur. In addition to its living lab activity, the DIL gathers several fablabs allowing the DIL to prototype and experiment with users innovative concepts for enterprises.

Furthermore, Eric Seulliet was in 2012 co-founder of Living Labs France, the association of the French network of living labs. Within this association is member of the board, vice president in charge of partnerships.

By its practice and its functions, Eric Seulliet has developed particular expertise on the subject of fablabs and living labs that make him a recognized specialist in these questions:

He is regularly invited to give lectures on this subject, participate in panel discussions, give interviews, participate as co-author publications, provide expertise.

He helped set up the living labs such as Reunion or the Digital Home and participates in European projects (Experimedia, Cyberpark) due to his living lab expertise.

He also is the creator and organizer of Innovation Ecosystems Agora (an event dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems and of several events regarding Blockchain, like Blockchain Agora.

In 2018 he founded a new company: La Fabrique du Futur & Co, whose mission consists in helping to make social and positive innovations emerge and develop.

Vidal Chriqui

Co-founder, BTU Protocol

Vidal Chriqui graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris.

He specialized in big data and distributed systems which led him to very early work on Bitcoin and later on Ethereum, showing a strong expertise in micropayment channels. Fascinated by the Bitcoin protocol he envisioned as a masterpiece of computer architecture, mixing technical and economic considerations, he launched “Blockchain Révolution”, the first free french speaking video series about bitcoin and blockchain, offering hours of exclusive lessons and interviews.

Vidal is a regular speaker at blockchain conferences and a lecturer at french Grandes Ecoles. Vidal has also been working as a technical advisor to successful token sales (> 50M€), contributing to smart contracts writing or review, whitepaper writing and tokenomics design. He recently founded BTU Protocol, the first peer to peer booking protocol aiming to disrupt the whole booking industry.

Rafael Schultz

Founder, blockchainpunk

For the last decade, Rafael has advanced business development in the banking and payment sector, growing his career in the FIAT world in Shanghai, Warsaw and Berlin.

He founded the accelerator blockchainpunk and acts as investor and mentor for various blockchain projects today.

As Co-Founder of the Dash Embassy in Germany, Rafael educates governments, universities, banks, and merchants about blockchain payment methods of the future.

As a true believer in decentralized solutions, he aims to shape the future of blockchain while using real use cases between Europe and the rest of the world. 

Iohann Le Frapper

Group General Counsel, Pierre Fabre SA

He is the group general counsel of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre SA, a French pharmaceuticals and cosmetics company with a global footprint.

He is an advisory board member of Elevate Services, a California-based fast-growing law company as well as a vice-chair of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Corporate Responsibility & Anti-corruption international commission.
He is a lecturer at the Toulouse Business School (Mastère Spécialisé Management Juridique des Affaires)
He was the 2017 chair and member of the global board of directors of the DC-based Association of Corporate Counsel.
Prior to his last position as general counsel of Chetwode, a fintech start-up based in France, Iohann was the chief legal officer and company secretary of Gulf Bridge International, a telecom services provider headquartered in Qatar.

He had previously several executive positions at Nokia: global general counsel & compliance leader for the networks business group and regional general counsel for South Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. He also spent several years in Shanghai as general counsel with regional responsibilities for the North Asia Pacific region.

He also worked at the holding company of Total, an oil & gas company, supporting corporate and finance projects mainly in Africa and Middle East. Mr. Le Frapper first worked in private practice as a junior attorney at Hogan Lovells in Paris.

Iohann was admitted to the Paris bar in 1993 and holds degrees from McGill University (L.L.M in Comparative Laws-Montreal) and University of Paris (D.E.A. in Business & Tax Laws).

He is also a member of the Cercle Montesquieu, a club of France-based general counsels.

Julia Charlton

founder, CHARLTONS

Julia Charlton is a Hong Kong corporate finance lawyer with extensive experience of advising on IPOs, capital markets, private equity, M&A, investment funds, restructuring, derivatives and all aspects of Hong Kong’s securities law and regulatory framework. Her practice area also covers fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.  Julia is the founder and principal partner of Charltons, recipient of Asian Legal Business’ Boutique Transactional Law Firm of 2017 award and Boutique Law Firm awards for the preceding 10 years.

 Julia Charlton is a senior fellow of the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute, a member of the Takeovers and Mergers Panel and the Takeovers Appeals Committee of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, a member of the Disciplinary Panel (Panel A) of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a member of the Company Law Committee of the Hong Kong Law Society.

Julia Charlton is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide on Hong Kong corporate finance, fintech and cryptocurrencies.

Caroline Lequesne Roth

Law Lecturer, University Cote d'Azur (UCA)

Caroline Lequesne Roth is Law Lecturer at the University Cote d’Azur (UCA). 
Her research focuses on financial law, technonormativity, deep and smart law. In 2018, together with Pr. Marina Teller, she founded the UCA Deep Law for Technologies Institute. 
DL4T aims at exploring and committing to the legal aspects of the deep technologies in the field of big data, AI and blockchain; it follows a double lead, through scientific excellence and field action. 
Caroline Lequesne Roth runs DL4T applied research unit, the Fablex. 

Sascha Mundstein


Sascha Mundstein (Harvard, INSEAD) is Senior Manager at Digital Solutions and Emerging Technologies at Pfizer, Inc.

As digital engineer and technology expert, he has helped transform innovative ideas into solutions that benefit patients directly. In recent years, he has been focusing on mobile technologies, health data collection through sensors and trackers, scaling applications across multiple global markets and devising new analysis paradigms for patient data.

Sascha has his rich experience in diverse fields such as fin-tech, linguistics, machine learning and natural language processing, e-commerce and online marketing, as well as cryptocurrencies and blockchain, in order to discover, develop and promote novel solutions and business models for the health care industry of the future.

In his spare time, he is currently working on the Health Impact Token to help finance preventive healthcare using market forces.

Bruno Valente

partner, CBV Avocats

Bruno Valente began his lawyer career in a major international law firm in Paris.
In 2018, he became partner of CBV Avocats, a French law firm located in Paris that he co-founded, and which is notably specialized on the French tax issues related to the crypto-assets and the fund raising through the blockchain technology (i.e. Initial Coin Offering – ICO).
As former Deputy Assistant at the French National Parliament (Assemblée Nationale), he is regularly requested as consultant on regulatory and tax law aspects. In this regard, he recently worked on the proposed ICO’s French regulatory framework contained within the French draft law on the growth and transformation of companies in France (i.e. “Projet de loi PACTE”).
Furthermore, he is currently working on the crypto-assets’ tax measures that might be incorporated within the France’s Finance Bill for 2019.
Bruno also shares his expertise by writing in well-known legal publications

Srini Katta


Srini is Blockchain, AI and CRM Solutions Expert, Author, Speaker, Blogger & Mentor.

A thought leader and visionary defined and developed product and technology strategies that helped customers in achieving exponential business growth. Brings both management and technical experience to the table to solve business and technology challenges. 

He authored Discover SAP CRM which reads  like a novel and well-received in the tech and business world. He blogs regularly, detailing coding techniques and future application releases.

He is founder and CEO of Social Chains – A Social Economy Platform of Real People which Won the best use case of Blockchain award out of 1000 global startups that competed.

Srini is currently advising on Blockchain and AI applications in Social Media, Food and Drug Safety, Insurance and Finance and Consumer verticals.

Srini earned a Masters in Engineering and Business Administration.

Thierry Poyet


Thierry Poyet is a computer engineer, he spent more than 20 years of his professional life in telecommunications and in the Internet, from the computer business to being a leader of the Internet subsidiary of the Monegasque telecommunications operator.

Technology enthusiast, invested in the public life of the Principality of Monaco (Councillor Communal from 1995 to 2007, National Councillor from 2013 to 2018), he is, among others, the author of a bill on Blockchain, having aim to offer a non-binding regulatory framework for a 3-year experiment, so that Monaco can become a “blockchain valley” and play a leading role in Europe.

This text, voted by elected officials at the end of 2017, has opened the debate on the services offered by blockchain technology (smart contract, cryptocurrency) and feed the public authorities’ thinking on these topics.

From September 2018, he is part of the Government’ Digital Team, in charge of Innovation and Digital Economy, working on blockchain activities.

He is a founding member and President of an association to promote Blockchain technology in Monaco “World of Blockchains Monaco”.

Anca Petre

co-foundeR, 23 CONSULTING

Anca Petre is a digital health and blockchain researcher and entrepreneur. 
As the co-founder of 23 Consulting, she specializes in guiding healthcare organizations through blockchain initiatives. She trains and assists major players in this sector on an international scale, including pharmaceutical corporations, startups and hospitals. 
Having completed a double-degree in pharmacy and management, Anca is working on a thesis about the potential of blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical industry. In her work as a speaker (Tedx, cmnfis) and writer she is passionate about new technologies, their impact on the healthcare system, and democratizing their use for the medical community

Fabrice Marquet


Fabrice is the Managing Director of MonacoTech, Monaco’s first startup incubator/accelerator, from its creation in November 2017. His main focus is to kick-start an innovation ecosystem from scratch in Monaco.

He holds a double M.S. degree in engineering (ESPCI) and wave physics (Paris Diderot) and a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering (Paris Diderot).

He worked for more than 12 years in the medical device field in top-tier institutes worldwide (Langevin Institute, Paris – Philips, Eindhoven – Columbia University, New York – IHU LIRYC, Bordeaux) where he performed tech transfer from bench to bedside, was deeply involved in the entrepreneurial scene and published 62 scientific articles, book chapters and patents.

For instance, his Ph.D. work contributed to the creation and development of SuperSonic Imagine (shear wave elastography sonogram), a startup founded in Aix-en-Provence in 2005 that had a successful IPO on Euronext in 2014 and more than 120 employees today. Two of the patents he published with Columbia University on groundbreaking brain-drug delivery methods for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases has led to the creation of and were exclusively licensed to Vesselon, a Connecticut-based startup.

Lately, he was leading a startup project at the IHU LIRYC in Bordeaux developing a complete non-invasive approach for cardiac pacing and ablation for the treatment of arrhythmias.

Sarah-Diane Eck

Co-founder & CEO, Sandblock

Sarah-Diane Eck is the CEO and co-founder of Sandblock, a French blockchain startup that wants to revolutionize customer engagement. She has been involved in the blockchain and startup community for several years and helped multiple successful startups to launch and develop their projects. She previously worked in investment banking, foundation creation and digital marketing. Sarah-Diane is also specialized on legal matters regarding user data protection and the upcoming GDPR, foundations & charities, and the constantly evolving crypto assets regulations. 

She has a triple master degree in business schoold (HEC Paris), Engineering (AgroParisTech), and Legal Strategy & International Tax (Panthéon-Assas). 

Sarah-Diane is also President of the CryptoAsso, a French Charity which aims to promote cryptocurrency donations and help people in debt distress.

Rémy Ozcan

Co-Founder, TOZEX & Managing Director, Crypto4All

As an experienced Blockchain expert, he decided to create TOZEX the first end-to-end crypto-asset platform for token sales management, investment and trading on crypto assets.

He cofounded in 2015 Crypto4All, one of the largest European Blockchain engineering and consulting services company. Central Bank of Luxembourg, ATOS, DCNS Naval and CREDITS Platform (Ethereum competitor) are few of their clients.

He actively contribute to the development of the ecosystem as public speaker, consultant for the European Parliament for the construction of the Blockchain European regulation and contributor on EU Focus Group on Blockchain DLT.

He is also as an expert Member from the International Blockchain Committee (ISO TC 307) building Standards applicable to Blockchain technologies and Instructor at the well-known Paris University of Dauphine.

Rémy discovered Blockchain Technology in 2013, his enthusiasm over Blockchain technology stems from both the technological and financial aspects. Since then “Merge Blockchain technology with real-world economy” became his watchword.

Nathan Tafer


As the CEO of Tokia and Tyche Capital, I combine both the cryptocurrency market and the regular market. Cryptocurrencies market has been growing in popularity in recent years and has shown, along with the blockchain technology, its ability to revolutionize and change industries for a better perspective. 

I advise and draw strategies that enable my clients to trade all type of cryptocurrencies by purchasing regular stocks, equities, bonds, and even oil and gold. 

The strength of these strategies is that clients can invest and trade on common supports with only cryptocurrencies.

Aviya Arika

Founder and Chief of Blockchain, Aviya Law

Aviya is passionately focused on crypto and blockchain legal practice. This passion has led her to develop and manage the blockchain practice of a Fintech TLV law firm, and then to move on and establish her own firm, focused solely on blockchain, with a presence in TLV, Kiev and partnerships in various strategic locations worldwide.

Aviya works with blockchain startups, investors and organizations. These include token issuers, crypto exchanges, crypto payment services providers, crypto funds, angel investors and governmental authorities. Aviya possesses a broad knowledge of financial and fintech related regulations in a wide range of jurisdictions (EU, Israel, US, Canada) and is therefore well equipped to help entrepreneurs and investors understand crypto constellations from a legal perspective. 

Aviya is involved in rigorously researching and actively speaking and writing on blockchain and crypto regulation issues out of genuine interest and vision to help build a brighter world for blockchain.

Pierre-Yves Dittlot

CEO & Founder, LEDGITY

Specializing in the Financial Industry, Pierre Yves Dittlot has been a fund manager and CIO for several asset management companies, private banks, and family offices for the last 10 years.

Passionate about the promise of blockchain technology and mindful of its potential for the exchange of value, he founded Ledgity, a tokenization infrastructure for securities along with a platform enabling users to conduct peer to peer exchange of securities through a mobile application.

Pierre Yves believes that blockchain technology and smart contracts can empower people to access the world of finance and manage their wealth.

With Ledgity, Pierre Yves aims to contribute to the reshaping of the world of finance.

Dr Eric Prada


Dr Eric Prada is the Founder and CEO of Moon My Wallet, a start-up specialized in ArtificiaI Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies applied to financial assets trading and management.

Eric has a technical background with +10 years experience working on data science, mathematical modeling & simulation of dynamic systems in the Automotive and Energy Industries

Axel Orgogozo

President & Co-Founder, Dquant

Former theoretical physicist, entrepreneur with a strong technical background, Axel is President and Co-Founder of Dquant, a crowd sourced AI powered hedge-fund.

In the past, Axel has worked at and co-founded several Artificial Intelligence startups. As a data scientist and CTO, he has managed developers and researchers on numerous projects in the domains of AI, blockchain, video game development, web development, finance and much more.

Vincent Galand

MANAGER, embleema INC

Vincent is responsible for the operations of Embleema Inc. in Europe, the patient blockchain for medical research and the pharmaceutical industry.

Vincent has 7 years of experience in operations and new business development in an international environment.

He began his career as a medical researcher at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), then in regenerative medicine at Harvard University, within the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

After being Attaché for Science and Technology in Warsaw at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he joined the French group Safran to accelerate its digital transformation.

He then joined ESCP Europe Business School / ISEFRE in Paris to develop a entrepreneurship training program for scientists, then the Brain and Spine Institute (ICM) of Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris and STATION F, the world’s largest startup campus.

There, he forges partnerships between academics, pharmaceutical companies and patient associations to create digital health solutions dedicated to clinical research and monitoring of patients with chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Vincent believes that Blockchain’s power of decentralization will transform the health sector and enable everyone to participate in the advancement of medical progress. He is an alumnus of Grenoble School of Medicine, Cranfield University and the Collège des Ingénieurs.

Alexander Zlotnik

Telecommunications Engineer & Doctor (PhD) in Artificial Intelligence

Alexander Zlotnik belongs to the highest echelon of the Spanish Civil Service. Currently, his professional activities are focused on practical applications of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies in Spain’s public sector.

He earned a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the Technical University of Madrid (Outstanding with Honors), focusing on machine learning models for emergency care management. Alexander Zlotnik has authored 30 contributions to monographs, scientific journals and international conference proceedings.