M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Meet industry-leading speakers sharing their knowledge & experiences of using blockchain technology.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Phil Dardier


Investment banker, active business Angel, Blockchain and crypto-currency specialist, Phil Dardier joined Avolta Partners in 2017 as Senior Partner.

Born and raised in the US and Canada, Phil worked in Investment Banking for over 25 years in London, Singapore and Paris. He ran Global Equity and Derivatives Flow sales for BNP Paribas and was a Managing Director of Equity markets at Merrill Lynch.

Recently, he was CEO of Alternativa a Fintech SME Exchange (MTF) and is a founding member of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN). He has been a leader since 2015 in the crypto assets is involved in Blockchain and more specifically crypto-currencies. He has been an active business Angel with various Tech companies such as Vistaprint (US), Attenda (UK), Digital Keys (FR) or Pepins (SW) and many others.

In the crypto asset space, he is co-running the Volta Token and has been an advisor throughout Asia and America for various ICO’s, Citowise (Estonia), Fluz Fluz (US &Panama) and Blockchain.io (France).

Avolta provided the French Ministry of Finance with Key data on the iCO market.  

Evan Luthra

CEO & Founder, El Group International

Evan has extensive knowledge and experience in mobile apps and his company, EL Group International has developed and delivered mobile apps for major Fortune 500 companies. Evan’s strategy follows a simple, but proven formula: conceptualize, innovate, execute.More recently Evan is heavily invovled in the crypto industry working with leading companies such as GazeCoin.io, Hashgraph.com and others under EL Group subsidary Almora.io and has been regarded as a Blockchain expert and pioneer by the worlds leading organziations and publications. 

He is a featured speaker at different universities and conferences around the globe; he speaks about Mobile Apps, Entrepreneurship and trending tech topics, to huge audiences and has spoken for Tedx, United Nations, Google, Nielsen and has done guest lectures at Delhi University, Washington State University, San Francisco State University and more. 

With his keen insights and digital expertise, Evan is constantly thinking of new ideas that will innovate, simplify and make daily quality of life that much better.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Paul Bougnoux


Graduate of the ESCP Europe (Master of Audit and Advisory), ISC (Finance option), University of California Berkeley (MBA session)

Paul has been performing M&A operations for over 15 years

Entrepreneur, Paul benefits from a dual experience of financial auditing – statutory auditor and company manager, particularly in the field of distribution, where he was General Secretary of a listed company in the wine and spirits sector and president of a retail brand

Paul is Director and General Secretary of the “Chambre Nationale des Conseils Experts Financiers” (CNCEF) and Honorary President of the “Chambre Nationale des Conseils Intermédiaires en Opérations de Banque” (CNCIOB)

Paul is also speaker at ESCP (M&A)

Rémy Ozcan

Co-Founder, TOZEX & Managing Director, Crypto4All


As an experienced Blockchain expert, he decided to create TOZEX the first end-to-end crypto-asset platform for token sales management, investment and trading on crypto assets.

He cofounded in 2015 Crypto4All, one of the largest European Blockchain engineering and consulting services company. Central Bank of Luxembourg, ATOS, DCNS Naval and CREDITS Platform (Ethereum competitor) are few of their clients.

He actively contribute to the development of the ecosystem as public speaker, consultant for the European Parliament for the construction of the Blockchain European regulation and contributor on EU Focus Group on Blockchain DLT.

He is also as an expert Member from the International Blockchain Committee (ISO TC 307) building Standards applicable to Blockchain technologies and Instructor at the well-known Paris University of Dauphine.

Rémy discovered Blockchain Technology in 2013, his enthusiasm over Blockchain technology stems from both the technological and financial aspects. Since then “Merge Blockchain technology with real-world economy” became his watchword.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Thomas Brezzo

Member of the Monegasque Parliament (Conseil National) and appointed as Chairman of the Legislation Committee

Thomas BREZZO was admitted to the Monaco Bar in 2016.

Previously, he used to work for several Law Firms, located either in the Principality of Monaco or abroad. In 2010, he created and headed “Monaco Legal Consulting”, a legal consultancy firm in Monaco.

Graduated in private law and criminal sciences, his practice focuses on business law and criminal law.

He is involved in various areas of Monegasque law, with local and international clients, companies and individuals.

In February 2018, he was elected Member of the Monegasque Parliament (Conseil National) and appointed as Chairman of the Legislation Committee.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Patricia Kemayou Mengue

Manager associate, Cabinet GIACCARDI & BREZZO AVOCATS

After spending several years in an international law firm in Paris, Patricia KEMAYOU MENGUE joined ABN Monaco Bank as an in-house counsel prior to joining our firm in 2001.

Due to her legal and operational knowledge of the banking sector, Patricia KEMAYOU MENGUE is the preferred contact for professionals.

Her integral knowledge of litigation enables her to advise skilfully clients when negotiating and drafting international contracts, and to assist them in the most complex litigation.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Céline Moille

LAWYER & partner, YELLAW

Lawyer and partner at the international law firm Yellaw, as well as Ph.D in private international law, Céline Moille is today at the heart of her firm’s FinTech/Blockchain department.

For many years, Céline has also been a lecturer at the University of Lyon.

Convinced that LegalTech is a good way to bring legal support to corporations, Céline was one of the founding members of Dodo Bank (Debt collection) in 2017. 

She created with developers a new partnership and the pooling of their Tech and Law skills to provide innovative and complementary solutions for companies www.bitlaw.io

Céline is well known for her knowledge of legal issues relating to blockchain. She regularly participates in national and international conferences as a speaker, as well as contributing to the field of blockchain studies through publications and collaborations. Lawyers indeed have a central place in this new ecosystem, as neither the general public nor political or legal institutions are entirely at ease with blockchain and its specificities. The legal framework for this field is not yet perfectly established and risks already exist, making legal expertise essential..

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Cédric Dubucq


Lawyer at Aix en Provence and Paris, Cédric DUBUCQ specializes in business law and assists clients on cross-cutting issues related to new technologies, including companies that use the blockchain.

Cédric is a member of MEDEF INTERNATIONAL, the association Law & Commerce, the association Prevention & Turnover, and the Government BLockchain Association.

He is also a founding member of Avotech (Do-thank lawyers who created a legaltech) and a member of the consortium eJustice, which undertakes to digitize the judicial institution.

He speaks at many conferences held at the National Assembly, the Paris Bar, School 42, HEC Paris, TedX etc.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Owen Simonin


Owen Simonin is a young entrepreneur. He is known as “Hasheur” on the internet, he is the most famous influencer about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

At only 21, he has made his place in the french-speaking ecosystem of blockchain. It has been two years that he democratizes this complex technology in order to make it accessible to everyone.

In the same time, he founded several companies including Just Mining, a french startup that specializes in investment solutions in the blockchain. His company realizes more than 2.5 millions euros in turnover during the first year of activity.

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Sergio Stefano


Sergio Stephano is a technology executive with more than a decade of experience building startups and delivering marketing strategies to Fortune 500’s and large scale online platforms.

Most recently, Sergio is the Managing Director of Blockdigital where he helps blockchain companies navigate the challenges behind bringing the latest blockchain solutions to market.

Prior to Blockdigital, Sergio built and sold an innovative social media platform to a publicly traded company.

Sergio initially learned the ins and outs solving and manage complex search engine marketing initiatives for Fortune 500 and SMB companies as the VP Business Development at SEO Inc., a premier search engine marketing agency in Southern California .

In his spare time Sergio enjoys playing the occasional chess game and studying the latest blockchain technologies and startups. 

M.I.B.S : Monaco International Blockchain Summit

Pascal van Knijff

founder & CEO of the Future of Trust  

With over two decades of experience in Europe and the United States, as Managing Director, Investor, (Digital) Marketing Director, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and International Speaker, Pascal has gained expertise in a wide range of settings and very diverse fields, before venturing into the Blockchain and Crypto World. Armed with his hands-on experience, proven expertise and a healthy dose of curiosity Pascal, together with his extended and international team, helps organizations and companies build solid (blockchain) value propositions and strategically empowers them with the time, talent, technology and treasure needed to propel organizations to the next level!

Pascal successfully consulted and or held senior positions in the following niches; Software, Big Data, Technology, Fintech, Blockchain, Financial Services, Consumer goods, Health, Beauty & Leisure, Broadcast Media Fashion, Retail, Eductaion and Not For Profit.

Besides travelling the world as a blockchain entrepreneur, keynote speaker and trainer, Pascal is the  founder & CEO  of the Future of Trust  (www.tfoft.com) and he currently serves CryptoDaily, one of the cryptocurrency industry’s only top-tier, free-to-publish cryptocurrency news portals and media networks (www.cryptodaily.co.uk) as their Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Additional industry successes have included serving as a founder of a blockchain educational academy (www.cuttingwood.academy), in addition to serving on the board of directors of a next-generation blockchain initiative.

Pascal van Knijff has been travelling and speaking across the globe with great feedback from some of the top organizers and thought-leaders in the Cryptocurrency Industry and Blockchain Space.